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Our dedicated audit team aims to deliver results beyond expectations
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Audit & Assurance

We follow an audit plan that is tailored to the needs of our client’s business and focus on key drivers and areas which are most critical to its risk profile. Our report on our observations and recommendations then our Audit Opinion.

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Where our clients do not require a higher level of assurance such as an audit, we can provide a lesser form of assurance by undertaking a Review of their financial statements. This involves lesser level of work and detail testing and more analytics.

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Special Purpose Audits

Organisations that want to get specific assurance to satisfy requirements of external funders can engage us to perform either an Audit or Review depending on their requirements to meet their specific reporting requirements.

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Financial Statement Audits

Using our audit methodology we deliver to ensure you get independent audits of your financial statements to give it assurance to your organisation, funders and members.

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Non-financial information assurance

We are aware of the complexities that clients in the Not-For-Profit can face with completing their Statement of Service requirements.

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Business Transformation

Process of fundamentally changing the systems, processes, people and technology to achieve measurable improvements in efficiency, effectiveness and stakeholder satisfaction.

Your Go to Auditor

Our passion in audit steers through our willingness to work with our clients to ensure that their reporting requirements are met, they have robust internal controls to ensure their business are safeguarded against any business or financial risk.

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Analyse The Opportunities

We study the numbers, understand the business processes and look for opportunities for business improvements or provide solutions where business or financial risks are identified.

Find Your Right Curve

We welcome opportunities to showcase to our clients or accountants updates or technical requirements for the auditing industry. We consult with them to ensure they understand their reporting requirements to comply and in turn assist with any issues they may have.

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